Charles is a functional tester, his job is to make sure that the mobile apps he tests are working fine across the top devices in the market. To achieve that without spending a lot of money in hardware and infrastructure, his company is using Mobilebox to install the app on multiple real Android and IOS devices, so Charles can test it from his favourite web browser. Charles is very happy because every time he finds a bug, he can share the device with the developers that are working two floors above him in less than 10 seconds, while he simply keeps working with the following device.
Bryan is Charles’s best friend, and he is in charge of creating automation scripts in Appium for the same app that Charles is testing. Bryan has all his automated test cases running in Jenkins and he is using Mobilebox to execute his test cases across a lot of the real devices in the cloud. While the tests are executed in parallel, Bryan likes to watch the execution results in real time and he also takes a look on the measuring battery consumption, CPU, memory, network and device temperature.

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By using Mobilebox you have instant access to the most used mobile phones in the market (real phones, not simulators), from your web browser, for app development, manual and automation testing.

You will be able to increase your test coverage by running your tests across all our devices, and by implementing better functional, automation, performance and responsive testing techniques to your product.

Mobilebox is compatible with every C.I tool, you will be able to reduce your app time to market, to increase the overall quality and to save real money by using all the devices that you need for a fraction of the money that you pay for an average phone.

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We also support every mobile automation framework, plus every continuous integration system and parallel executions across all the devices.

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